DeAndre Jordan's Misstep

Published on 16-Jul-2015 by Towner Park

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DeAndre Jordan's Misstep

This isn't the first time and it certainly won't be the last time.

People get cold feet all the time.

Men and women on the verge of marriage. A buyer who second-guesses a major purchase.

And, and most notably, due the way current events work, DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clipper center and free agent.

Verbally, Jordan was committed to the Dallas Mavericks. He was in line for max money and more responsibility.

Say what you will about what happened -- Mark Cuban certainly said enough -- but it's simple: Jordan had a change of heart.

It's business. It happens all the time. Jordan loves his teammates; the city; and his coach, Doc Rivers. However, he wanted a larger role in the offense, something that won't happen in Clipperland. Too much Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Not enough touches to make everyone happy.

Dallas stepped in and flattered young Jordan into believing he was their future franchise player whenever Dirk steps down. Father time always wins.

Regardless, Jordan was seemingly happy but then stopped talking to Cuban and Chandler Parsons, salesman extraordinaire and exceptional wing for the Mavericks.

A lock-in occured and then, Jordan decided to sign with the Clippers for the same money but accompanied by a nasty state tax. Thanks, California.

And thank you, Chico:


Jordan's young but someone should've told this kid to contact Cuban and tell him, cara a cara, that he's decided to stay in LA. Cuban deserved to hear that directly and then sort out the rest.

As to apologizing on Twitter? C'mon, man!