Dark Nights in Gotham City

Published on 4-Mar-2014 by Chips 10

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Dark Nights in Gotham City

They say everyone wants to be a part of New York sports, but New York sports right now is not the place to be.

Since it's the winter season, you have to start off with the New York Knicks and their 21-39 record.

The Knicks have not won a championship since 1973 -- bless Willis Reed and his competitor's heart -- and will not make the playoffs this season. Worse yet, they don't have their first-round draft pick, trading it away in the Carmelo Anthony deal.

New York's other basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, are 28-29 and haven't won any NBA championships, although they did ring up two in the old American Basketbal Association. That was 'way back in the 1970s when disco reigned, which may be the true reason that all the dinosaurs died.

Hockey isn't much better in New York, as the Islanders are hopelessly out of playoff contention again -- they gave us false hope last spring -- and they haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1983, which was the end of their glory days. The Rangers are hanging on to one of the final spots in this season's playoffs, but they haven'tt won a Cup since 1994, which was their only championship in the past 74 years.

Football was brutal this year. The Giants started 0-6 and finished 7-9. They do have two Super Bowl victories this century but they've now missed the playoffs two years in a row. The Jets finished 8-8 this season, and that makes three years in a row that they haven't made the playoffs.

Baseball in New York was not good in 2013, either, as the Mets missed the playoffs for the seventh straight season and the Yankees didn't qualify for October baseball for the second time in six years. The Yanks, for all their talk and all their spending, have only won one World Series since 2000; the time when the Yankees won their four championships will always be remembered as the steroid era, and the Yankees had plenty of users.

So New York fans have not had much to cheer about lately, and many are putting their hopes on the Yankees this summer. They've spent kajillions to try and overtake the Tigers and Red Sox in the American League. If they cannot, it may be a long while before any cheers are heard from the Big Apple.