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The Shot Dude: Going With What's Working
30-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
Nothing like playing a working weekend.

The Shot Dude: Return to Hump Day Hoops
27-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
Guess what day it is!

The Shot Dude: Different Animal
17-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
NBA playoffs introduce a new element: defense.

The Shot Dude: Sunday Courting
10-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
Spring is in the air.

The Shot Dude: Makin' Big Plans
08-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
Check out who hasn't checked out.

The Shot Dude: Hoops Galore
05-Apr-2016   Basketball - NBA / NBA Daily Stake
And no rainouts.


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