Cleveland Wants Mike Brown Back for Some Reason

Published on 23-Apr-2013 by The Guy

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Cleveland Wants Mike Brown Back for Some Reason

The coaching carousel has stopped, and Mike Brown has once again landed on Cleveland.

The Cavs will reportedly offer their former coach a 5-year contract worth $20 million. Brown will replace Byron Scott, who managed a paltry 66-166 record in his three seasons with the team that was going to win a championship before Miami did

Mike Brown didn't fare too well in his brief tenure with the Lakers, but he did have some success when he previously coached the Cavaliers. Brown led the team to several playoff series wins, despite having to coach a host of incompetent buffoons, including Sasha Pavlovic, Ira Newble, and Scot Pollard

It must have been difficult for Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to come to the realization that someone he once tossed aside is now the perfect fit for his stagnant organization.

Maybe Gilbert will one day have that realization about Lebron James, and the two can be reunited in the most awkward way possible.