Charles Barkley Openly Mocks ESPN on TNT

Published on 4-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Charles Barkley Openly Mocks ESPN on TNT

ESPN is admittedly an easy target for mockery these days.

The network's predilection for hot takes and obsessing over certain athletes has reached a fevered pitch.

And let's not get started on some of the 'sports personalities' currently residing in Bristol. 

Hey, Stephen A, please stop yelling.

Well, at least Skip Bayless had the good sense to flee, although his shtick is exactly the same on FS1.

But we digress.

The gang at TNT had some fun at the World Wide Leader's expense the other night, particularly Charles Barkley, who eviscerated the Mothership with a playful tirade that quickly transformed the post-game show into a giggle fest.

Oh, those incorrigible cutups.

Actually, that was quite amusing.

The silly rant combined Chuck's complete lack of a filter with his goofy nature to produce basic cable gold.

He even attempted to speak Spanish for good measure.

As ridiculous as this segment was, it also contained some industry truth.

Sir Charles doesn't want to work himself to death for peanuts, or have to slave away on the Deuce or any of the other network channels.

Barkley did forget about ESPN 8: The Ocho, but that was probably just an oversight.

The TNT gang likes to have a good time, and when they inevitably dissolve into uncontrollable laughter, it somehow seems more authentic than the NFL Fox crew.

Barkley did bring the funny.

The rant even managed to stimulate Shaq, which is always a good thing.