Chandler Parsons Sets NBA Record for Threes in One Half

Published on 25-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Chandler Parsons Sets NBA Record for Threes in One Half

Houston Rockets small forward Chandler Parsons entered what those in the know call ‘the zone’ on Friday night against the Memphis Grizzlies.

He didn't vacate this enchanted space until he had drained 10 three-pointers on 12 attempts in the second half.

The Rockets still managed to lose, 88-87, but Parsons certainly did his part, setting an NBA record for three-pointers made in one half, along with the Rockets' team record for a single game. The previous mark for made threes in a half was nine by Deron Williams. Parsons finished with 34 points overall and seemed almost confused by his time spent in this otherworldly realm.

''I was pretty much unconscious. My body went numb,'' Parsons explained when questioned about his second-half shooting spree. ''I've never felt that feeling on a basketball court before.''

Parsons was clearly overwhelmed by the mysterious nature of this experience, but rode it out like a champ.

The third year player out of Florida is an accomplished marksman, currently shooting just under 41% from the land of plenty and almost 51% overall. The dude can ball, particularly from long distance, which makes one wonder why the Grizzlies would allow him to get off that many shots when Parsons was in the midst of such a state of heightened awareness.

Perhaps they were frightened by the radiant glow emanating from his person.

It remains to be seen whether or not Parsons is now imbued with special powers or knowledge of the future due to his time spent in ‘the zone’, but early reports indicate he may have emerged with a third eye of enlightenment on his forehead, which would no doubt improve his accuracy even more.

Good luck checking this guy in the future.