Celtics Have Warriors' Number, and It's Not 55

Published on 2-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Celtics Have Warriors' Number, and It's Not 55

If you want a guaranteed ending, go to the movies or read a book.

Or, until April Fool's Day -- when else? -- attend a Golden State game in the Oracle Arena.

That's where the team with the weirdest name in pro sports -- really, it took foresight to christen them in honor of a certain wide receiver 17 years before he was born -- did their best to send fans home happy for the past 54 games.

But all good things must come to an end.

If any NBA franchise knows about going on a run, it's the Celtics.

After all, no club has won more NBA titles than them, with eight of them being consecutive and nine happening within eleven seasons.

That's arguably a more impressive run than a regular-season winning streak, but with the modern game and all it involves -- like free agency -- stringing together success like the Warriors just did deserves the accolades.

The Celtics had a strong game plan and kept to it. Among other things, it resulted in a crippling 22 turnovers.

With 54 carved in stone, the Warriors focus on 73 continues, but it's not getting any easier, either.

Warriors schedle

It may be tough trying to correct Gertrude Stein ...

Gertrude Stein

... but at least until the Warriors move into their new digs -- sooner or later -- they've still got a shot at adding yet another bauble to the championship they've already brought to the East Bay.

The one they've just posted there could use the company.