Cavs Add Korver; Hawks Start Fire Sale

Published on 7-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Cavs Add Korver; Hawks Start Fire Sale

The New Year's upon us.

The days of football are drawing to a close.

Now is the time where basketball starts to rise in the casual fan's consciousness.

And it brings another special time of the year.

NBA trade season.

Lo and behold, the NBA's first major trade involves the Eastern Conference-leading Cleveland Cavaliers and the middling Atlanta Hawks.

Going to the Cavs will be guard Kyle Korver, who's renowned for his three-point shooting ability.

Just how good of a trey dude is Korver?

Well, his nickname's Threezus.

Dude’s career arc accuracy is 42.86%. That's good enough for eighth all-time in league history.

The only trey gunner better than Korver is Steph Curry. Not too bad of company to keep.

Korver will replace the injured JR Smith, who's out for at least three months due to thumb surgery. While there's no way Korver will be able to replace JR’s swag, his perimeter game should compensate quite nicely

In return for Korver, the Hawks will receive guards Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Mo Williams plus a future protected first-round pick and cash to pay for the two veterans' contracts.

While Cleveland's side of the deal was about getting better, the Hawks seem to be signaling a fire sale mode. The immediate returns for Korver in Dunleavy and Williams are likely not long for Atlanta, as the team already has younger players who fit their roles.

The only reason Dunleavy and Williams will suit up as Hawks will be due to the fact that the team has yet to find trade partners.

In aiming to rebuild, the Hawks will now most likely start to shop star PF Paul Millsap. Dude's the only remainder of the OG Hawks' starting five who won the Conference Player of the Month award back when the team went 17-0 in January of 2015.

Reportedly, the Raptors, Nuggets, and Kings are the top suitors for the soon to be ex-Hawks big. Atlanta still has time, though, as the trade deadline isn’t until Thu 23 Feb.

The ATL hopes to secure at least a first-round pick for Millsap, but they can’t afford to be too stingy. He's gonna be a free agent come season's end.

Sure, it stinks that the best team in the East got better, but there's a bright side for everyone else.

The trade season has officaly begun.

Since a Dubs-Cavs finals has been long since decided by those who can't wait for the actual match-up, now's the time for fans of the other 28 franchise to have their fun.