Blowout City in San Antonio

Published on 30-May-2014 by Towner Park

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Blowout City in San Antonio

It's kinda hard to get a firm grasp on what we're seeing unravel before our eyes in the Western Conference Finals.

My head is still spinning after that drubbing the Oklahoma City Thunder took, courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs last night at the AT&T Center.

But then again, this seems to be the trending theme in this series.

Blowouts galore!

I thought the Thunder regained some moxy and would carry said confidence to Texas. Instead, it was reminiscent of what we saw unfold in Games 1 and 2. In fact, it was a lot worse. The Thunder had no answer for Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, and Manu Ginobili. Their bench was non-existent, and Russell Westbrook, who had a magnificent Game 4, ended up only driving to the basket a total of four times.

Four times! For the most athletic point guard in the league who's capable of getting a shot off at a moment's notice?

It was embarrassing after halftime and got worse in the fourth quarter when the subs started logging minutes. The Thunder ended up losing by 28. So now, their energy, passion, and attitude are being questioned, especially after such a well-rounded display of flawless execution in Game 4.

The home team has so one-sidedly dominated this series that you really just want to see these two prolific teams play on a neutral court.

In fact, the Spurs have won by 15 or more points in seven straight postseason games at home. Talk about home cooking! That's obviously a major advantage for the Spurs, considering the had the best overall record in the NBA this season.

If this trend keeps up for the rest of the series, I'll be joining the rest of you and changing the channel after the third quarter.