Learn from Baseball Players and Get Your Share of the Pot

Published on 12-Apr-2014 by Spock1
MLB / MLB Daily Opinion

It's a high fly ball. Real high. Real fly.
I would like to encourage everyone as they revel in the joyous rites of spring to help renew the seemingly trite yet patently indispensable spirit of sportsmanship that once dominated America's Pastime.
The sport is chock full of wisdom to embrace that can help keep one on an even keel. Even if you're a total wet noodle when it comes to athletics. A good example to follow is that of ballplayers' constant penchant for continuous physical and mental conditioning.

Between the pretzels and beer, when it's time for a change and the talk turns to speedy oil filters, get up off the seat or couch to do a few stretches, sit-ups, and pushups in order to keep you in your top sporting form.
Here are some other great life lessons that baseball teaches:
When it comes to supporting their team SF Giants fans are rumored to be the best in baseball.


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