Padres' Petco Morphs from Ballpark to Golf Course

Published on 07-Nov-2015 by Alan Adamsson
Golf / Golf Daily Review

Going deep.

It's common to allude to a season's end as players setting up tee times.

So, it's probably not that much of a stretch to set up a stadium for golf, as well.

And it's totally logical that a winter haven like San Diego would be where this would happen.

Move aside, Torrey Pines. the Links at Petco Park is open for business:

A clever par 27:

Petco Park golf

The tee times for the event this weekend -- and demand made it an extended weekend -- went quickly. At $50 a golfer, that's a decent deal as well as a unique one.

Perhaps this was ultimately inspired by Briny Baird nailing a chip shot from the Omni Hotel's 32-story roof back in 2009:

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